Feliz Año Bisiesto! Gracias Harry Craddock!

Tal día como hoy, el 29 de Febrero de 1928, Harry Craddock creó en el Hotel Savoy de Londres el Leap Year Cocktail, el cóctel del año bisiesto, y que gracias a su maravillosa biblia The Savoy Cocktail Book podemos disfrutarlo hoy en dia y celebrar este día como se merece una vez cada cuatro años.

Leap Year Cocktail

1/6 Vermut Italiano

2/3 Gin

1/6 Grand Marnier

Unas gotas de zumo de limón

Agitar vigorosamente todos los ingredientes y servir en un vaso tipo cocktail (martini) y perfumar con los aceites de una corteza de limón al finalizar el cocktail.

Feliz Año Bisiesto!!

Gracias a Jared Brown por haber realizado esta foto!! (Grandísimo Bartender y muy respetado en USA)

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5 comentarios en “Feliz Año Bisiesto! Gracias Harry Craddock!

  1. Hey Jared! Have you done the «collage»?? I saw the pic in Eric’s facebook and pick it for the blog, let me know if you did to make a proper mention to you! thanks for reading mixologiablog!

  2. Hola Daniel! This is a great blog. I can read just enough Spanish (sometimes with the help of Babelfish to translate). The photo of the Leap Year Cocktail is one I took yesterday from the 1930 Savoy. I keep it next to my prized copy of Pedro Chicote’s Mis 500 Cock•tails. Chicote was also an outstanding barman. So many excellent recipes in his books. I will be sharing some of his recipes soon.

  3. Mention updated Jared! Can’t wait to see your post on Chicote.. he was (and is) a legend and real endorser of post-prohibition era for Spanish bartending… a lot of urband legend are around in his Gran Via’s place!Now a Italian Bartender started running again and hopefully he can renew a place that has been a little bit damaged in the last decade in terms of good quality and crafted cocktail.. let me know when you are over Spain next!

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